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R.L Andrew is a former Legal Executive, chronically ill Australian writer and Movie Reviewer. Along with many short stories published in International Anthologies R.L. is also a regular, long term contributor to the CrypticRock.com Website based in New York. 

How I got started

Several years ago I developed autoimmune arthritis - more specifically Psoriatic arthritis. This is a progressive and degenerative disease and unfortunately more have come along with it. There are limited options for treatment, and some of those treatments can cause other problems. The disease hit with a bang and combined with the treatment I had to quit my legal job. I went from being active and capable to being chronically and permanently ill. I found myself at a loss, I questioned what value I still had as a person, wife and mother. My life seemed destined to be me wallowing in bed or on the couch and trying to deal with each new health problem that arose. However being the person I also am inside I couldn't concede defeat. I had to find a way to give myself meaning again. To use the sponge like brain I have before it turned to mush. I began writing again, after not having done much before. What started as a hobby and something else for me to focus on, quickly became something I embraced. I began writing short stories and had success in being published in anthologies but it wasn't enough. I had always wanted to write a book. At first I thought it would be easy, anyone could do it, but I soon learned this wasn't the case. Upon joining a Face Book critique group I learnt so much, and continue to do so. Now my first book 'A Lunatic's Guide to Interplanetary Relationships' is only weeks off being published by an American Publishing company. 

Who am I?

I live in Shepparton, Victoria with my husband and chocolate lab Max. Our three daughters are grown and out of home with lives of their own. My other interests are movies, gardening and cooking, although I can't eat most of it due to digestive issues.  I also love history, horror and science fiction.

I love how small the world has become because of the internet. I've met some amazing people throughout the years. 


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  • When perpetual screw-up Shayne James is transported from Earth to another planet, she has no idea she's the key to saving the universe. When Annu discovers this puny human on his planet, little does he know that she's the key to the two of them defeating the enemy. He finds her irritating, annoying, and somewhat attractive! If they don't kill each other, or get killed by an unknown force attempting to take over the universe, they might live happily ever after.

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